A Historical Perspective — April Showers Bring May Flowers: Signs of New Life For the Out Alliance

By Evelyn Bailey, Out Alliance Historian, Chair of Shoulders to Stand On

Change is the hallmark of Spring.  There have been many at the Out Alliance.  At the top of the list is our interim Executive Director, Jeff Meyers, as the search for a new Executive Director goes forward.  We have a new SAGE Coordinator, Eridan Maeder; a new Gallery Q exhibit, the work of Eric Bellman; new SAGE Outreach programs; new Pride theme – STAND Out; new volunteers for Pride and the Alliance; a new EC look each month…the list goes on.

CHANGE – English Oxford Dictionary:


  • Make or become different.


  • An act or process through which something becomes different.


We, as human beings, are in a constant state of change.  Nothing in our bodies remain static – otherwise we die.  Extending this idea to the Out Alliance, you need only to look at the past 45 years of our history, especially the past few years, to see change in action.  Each time there were those who resisted change, those who welcomed and embraced change, and those who were disinterested and did not care. The deadliest response by far is the last.  If you raise your voice for or against, you are the catalyst for change.

Rochester has always been part of a region that has been a powerful voice for dignity and civil rights: a region built on the quest of people seeking to better their lives with opportunities to express free thought, innovation, education and worship.  Raising our voices has and will continue to demand change on many levels.  Just as the walls of stone we see on 490 with small trees growing out of them cannot stop growth and change, neither can we.

The changes that challenge the Out Alliance will not destroy it.  Like the trees growing out of rocks it will continue to evolve from its roots of advocacy, education, and celebration.  You can raise your voice and become involved in this exciting, scary, pride-filled quest. The future of the Out Alliance rests on all of our Shoulders.  Become a Shoulder the Alliance can stand on and continue to grow from.  Become involved in one of the many opportunities and programs the Out Alliance provides the community.  Be proud to raise your voice and get involved.

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