A Letter to Youth

Dear New Youth,
I am so excited that you came to GAGV! This is a fun and safe place for you to be yourself. You will meet lots of people who are caring and nice and are just like you. This is a huge step that you are taking and many people before you have taken this step and had a great outcome.
The first day I came here, I did not come out because I was nervous. But I met awesome people and attended different events that helped me to come out. It also helped me to be more active in my Gay-Straight Alliance Club at school.
Some pretty cool things that we do here are watching movies (lots of gay themes and coming out issues), playing games, using the computers, playing Wii or video games and having cool events like the Day of Silence rally, Big Gay Prom, Movie Night and Pride.
The GAGV has helped me to be who I am, because now I am out and proud of myself. And now I am president of my GSA. I also sit on the GLSEN (Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network) board in Rochester. I also advocate for LGBT youth who can’t come out or deal with cutting issues and other similar stuff.
Even if you experience hard times related to homophobia or coming out, I hope it won’t get you down or stop you from experiencing your true self. How I deal with homophobia is by educating people who don’t know, and not taking it personally. I find support from friends, the GAGV, and counselors at school.
I hope that you are very special and there are other LGBTQ people in the world who care. You are not alone.
Quoting Lady Gaga, “I was born this way.”
Gay fabulous,

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