The Out Alliance Board of Directors serves a vital function in our work.

The Board helps to establish and sustain our long term mission and vision for LGBTQ+ equality and community enhancement.

The Board helps to oversee our financial, and human capacity—maximizing all of the resources for the benefit of the LGBTQ+ community — while helping to broaden our voice and sustain us as a responsible nonprofit organization.
We are grateful to our Board for the time and energy they devote to our agency and its mission and vision.
Colleen Raimond
President - Board of Directors

Colleen is the LGBTQ Coordinator at the University of Rochester. A former trademark attorney at Nixon Peabody LLP, Colleen is a Rochester native who attended Monroe Community College, receiving an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice, The College at Brockport, receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, and SUNY Buffalo Law School, receiving her Juris Doctor. In her role as LGBTQ Coordinator, Colleen boasts “the best job in the world” where she gets to work every day with the future of our community and has an opportunity to focus her work on the many issues facing community members who are minoritized and at intersections within our community. A passionate activist, she is known for her crowd-energizing speeches at rallies. In her time at Nixon Peabody, Colleen co-chaired their national LGBT Affinity Group and focused her pro bono work on transgender name changes.

Luis A. Rosario-McCabe
Vice President - Board of Directors

Luis A. Rosario-McCabe earned his Doctor of Nursing Practice degree from The University of Rochester School of Nursing in Rochester, NY. Dr. Rosario-McCabe’s doctoral project focus is designing, implementing, and evaluating a decentralized interprofessional team-based transgender cultural education program for licensed and non-licensed staff of a women’s health practice. He received his Master of Science Degree in Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner and a Post-master Clinical Nurse Leader Certificate from The University of Rochester School of Nursing. His certifications include: Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner from the National Certification Corporation and Clinical Nurse Leader from the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. He is a member of the Nurse Practitioner Association of New York State, the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association, and Sigma Theta Tau International. In 2016 he was selected by the nursing students at The University of Rochester to receive the Dean’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. He has over 20 years of experience working as a women’s health nurse practitioner. He is an assistant professor at The University of Rochester School of Nursing where he is the master’s specialty director of the clinical nurse leader program and the women’s health nursing course coordinator in the accelerated programs for non-nurses.

Originally from southern California, he lives with his husband and son in Churchville, NY.

Sady Fischer
Board Member

Sady Fischer joined the Out Alliance Board in January 2017. She is a dynamic, highly sought after queer, feminist, Latinx speaker who is known for her energy and passion around social justice issues.

Sady is the Inclusion Programs & Outreach Coordinator for the Office of Inclusion at Excellus BCBS, where she updated the company’s Gender Transition Guidelines and led staff in its implementation; initiated and led the company’s first-time participation in the Puerto Rican Day Parade; and most recently accepted the role as Chair of Excellus’ LGBTQA Employee Resource Group.

Sady holds a Bachelor’s in Gender Studies from Empire State College and is a Certified Diversity Professional.

As a result of her own intersecting identities, she has a strong passion for women, Latinx and LGBTQ issues. Sady is involved with many community initiatives, which include serving as the Co-Chair of Latinas Unidas’ Soy Unica! Soy Latina! Rally and Co-Chair of FR=EE’s Summit on Race Education Committee. She is a Facilitator with the United Ways’ Pride in Leadership Development Program; a Trainer with the Out Alliance’s LGBTQ Academy and member of the Speakers Bureau; Senior Facilitator with the National Coalition Building Institute’s Rochester Chapter; and Facilitator with the YWCA’s Racial Equity Program. She is also the Co-Founder of Ambush Rochester.

In 2015, Sady graduated from the inaugural class of the Pride in Leadership Development Program (PLDP). She completed the United Way’s Latino Leadership Development Program in 2008. In 2016, she joined the core team of collaborators from Excellus, the United Way and the Out Alliance, in developing and implementing the 2016 PLDP program.

Sady was the 2015 Recipient of Latinas Unidas’ Reconocimiento Volunteer Service Award; a 2013 Democrat & Chronicle’s “Woman to Watch”; a 2009 “Latina to Watch” in La Voz; and the 2008 Recipient of the NYS Commissioner’s “Distinguished Service Award” for her work around HIV/AIDS.

When she’s not trying to shift perceptions and break through stereotypes, you will find her with her family: her partner, Leslie, and their 3 boys. “They’re my pride and joy, and motivate me to make a difference in the world!”

“This is your world. Shape it or someone else will.” (Gary Lew)

Jeffrey Lambert

As a Rochester, NY native, Jeffrey attended the Rochester Institute of Technology receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology with a concentration in Network and Systems Administration. Fascinated with business, technology and the marriage of the two, Jeffrey began his career as a sophomore in high school, working with a local entrepreneur about his age to develop the world’s first online sales leads generation system. Shortly thereafter, and while attending college full-time, Jeffrey went on to serve as the Chief Technology Officer for BlueTie, Inc – where he was later appointed to the CEO role. He is currently serving as the CEO of Adventive, Inc – an advertising software firm located here in Rochester.

Lisa Kribs-LaPierre
Board Member
Lisa Kribs-LaPierre started out in the trenches of both design and market research agencies before going on to lead Social and Digital Engagement at the George Eastman Museum – there she led significant gains in global visibility and reputation for the storied film and photography institution.
For the past 8 years, Lisa has been the Founding Partner of TGW Studio, a women and LGBTQ+ owned social impact marketing agency, where she spends her time developing marketing strategies and creating brands from the ground up.
Working with forward-thinking companies, nonprofits, startups, behemoth brands and beyond, Lisa understands the intersection of design and social impact, and works to use creative and storytelling to conceive an equitable, hopeful and more sustainable world.
With a knack for building technology, and encouraging those around her to do the same, the app This Good World ( is evidenced with over 10,000+ business submissions on an open source platform since its launch.
Her commitment to the LGBTQ+ community includes participating in the 2018 Safe Zone Training, the redesign of, and her newly appointed seat on the Out Alliance Board of Directors.
Lisa supports, and is involved with several social and environmental organizations, including the the Finger Lakes Land Trust, the Adirondack Council, 1% for the Planet, Out Alliance, and Planned Parenthood.
When not running a business or saving the world, Lisa can be found at the lake or playing trucks with her son.
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