Ask Nereida & Gabe: advice for youth*

Question: I like this girl but she only likes me as a friend.  What should I do?
Gabe: Keep her as a friend and be open-minded about the situation. Even though people are not interested, I would still have them in my life. Respect their wishes and understand how they feel. If anything progresses or if that person’s mind changes, have a sit-down chat with them and try to figure out the situation together and see where it goes.
Nereida: Run in the opposite direction. Obviously she isn’t a very smart girl as she is making a horrible decision by not liking you.
Question: Is it sexting OK? (Sexting is talking dirty or sending sexual images over cell phone).
Gabe: If you are under 18, absolutely not. No child should even be thinking about doing that in the first place. But if you are over 18, be careful who your recipient is and do it in a tasteful way.
Nereida: Sexting is awesome. You can be discreet and it is a good way to practice abstinence. You can’t get any STDs from it, so he-ey!
But if you are under 18, you should not be sexting. Not at all. Zero. And don’t send any sexts to anyone under 18 either.
Question: I am in high school and I need a good Halloween costume idea. Any suggestions?
Nereida: Good Halloween costumes are A: Ones that fit. B: Ones that stand out. C: Cute, sexy ones.
Gabe: I would like to see costumes that are creative and out-of-the-ordinary. Examples would be a mime, a drag queen, a troll, Jack Skellington and Cookie Monster.
Gabe: I like Cookie Monster! I’m keeping him!
Nereida: I’d rather be Elmo.
Gabe: Elmo’s Gay. Case in Point.
Question: I’m 17. Am I too old to trick or treat?
Gabe: Trick, no. Treat, yes.
Nereida: Trick or treat? No, you’re not too old. I’m 20 and I’m still trick-or-treating. I have a kid, though, so that’s my excuse. But if I didn’t, I think I’d rather be at a Halloween Party.
Gabe: I have nephews and a niece. So, I think it’s appropriate to take them out, considering my age, and the people giving out the candy won’t mind.
Gabe & Nereida’s Best & Worst Halloween Treats:
5. Religious Pamphlet
4. Clark Bars
3. Pretzels or bubble gum
2. Bottle Caps or Smarties
1. Apples or any healthy foods
5. Swedish Fish
4. Almond Joy
3. Sour Patch Kids
2. Snickers or Reese’s Pieces (tie)
1. Butterfinger or Reese’s PB Cups (tie)
*This advice is for recreational purposes only.

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