Deaf & Hard of Hearing

College is a huge step in a young adult’s life. Navigating a university campus and course load can feel overwhelming for any student. Deaf and hard of hearing students face an additional and unique set of challenges in their pursuit of a quality education. The team of college planning experts at have curated valuable resources in their new College Guide for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students, which includes an in-depth look at a student’s transition into college, a guide to college accommodations & assistive technology, and key strategies, resources, scholarships & more for deaf and hard of hearing students.

Deaf Counseling Center is a Deaf and Lesbian owned counseling and psychological service that provides LGBT-friendly in-person and videophone therapy for Deaf LGBT clients. Contact us to learn more about our services.

Safe, confidential, and nonjudgmental
Culturally sensitive
Communication through American Sign Language
Empowerment and positive change

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The Deaf Wellness Center provides direct psychiatric, psychological, and social services that are linguistically accessible, culturally affirmative, and effective in enhancing quality of life. Our priorities include the development, application, and evaluation of innovative clinical service approaches, provision of services that support our research and training missions, and programs that address local and regional service inadequacies. We actively pursue cooperative ventures with public and private entities that can assist in achieving these clinical service goals. We provide services to the LGBTQI community who are deaf or hard of hearing or who have deaf or hard of hearing family members. Some of our clinicians are part of the LGBTQI community and all are Safe Space trained.

The Deaf Wellness Center (DWC) is a program of the University of Rochester Medical Center, based in its Department of Psychiatry. The DWC staff engage in clinical services, teaching, and research activities that pertain to mental health, healthcare, sign language interpreting, and other topics that affect the lives of people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.


Our mission is to end domestic and sexual violence in the Deaf community through advocacy, education, and services.

Our vision is to inspire and transform communities to be accountable by creating a culture free of violence.

IGNITE’s main goal is to support the needs of Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing survivors of domestic violence and sexual violence. We also support other members of the Deaf community including Children of Deaf Adults (CODAs) and ASL interpreters.

IGNITE provides:

Advocacy Services
Crisis Intervention
Medical and Hospital Advocacy
Legal Advocacy
Accompaniment: Go with you to the hospital, court, making police contacts, finding shelter
Provide basic items, including shampoo, soap, and other needs
(VideoPhone/Phone) 585-286-2713
(TTY/Fax) 585-232-2854

Deaf LGBTQ Resources and networking. Also the host of the RAD (Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf) Conference held annually in mid-summer.

Spectrum is an organization that focuses on the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and allied individuals at the Rochester Institute of Technology / National Technical Institute for the Deaf. We host various community services. We work in conjunction with RITGA, RIT, and the Gay Alliance. We want to spread the word about our group for as much support as possible.

Offers counseling services in individual, couples, and group therapy. Skilled in sign language.

TTY: 585-533-2041


Third Presbyterian Church is a community of diverse people united by a common faith in Jesus Christ and by meaningful worship and service. We welcome all who are seeking to live a life of Christian faith and discipleship.

LGBT persons are welcomed as full partners in ministry.

Childcare is available at most other major church events. Please check with the church office to confirm availability. Wheel chair accessible and looped for the hearing impaired.

* Third Presbyterian Church is a proud supporter of the Out Alliance.

Individual, couple, adolescent, and family counseling around many issues, including: LGBT issues, self acceptance, family of origin, communication patterns, body image and eating disorders. Therapist is sign language proficient.