Doctors (Family Practice and Internal Medicine)

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Dr. Alhman is a transgender friendly and knowledgeable interist at Artemis Health.

Visit our website for comprehensive listing of trans-friendly practictioners.

(3 women MD’s in practice)

associated with Highland Hospital

accepting new patients

Business Phone Number: 585-244-7330
Business Fax: 585-244-6958
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Specializing in internal medicine and Rheumatology. Lifetime Healthcare Folsom Health Center

Transgender friendly.

Business Phone Number: 585-256-2030
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Artemis Health is a primary health care practice designed specifically for women, ages 14 and older, and staffed by three female physicians.

Our Philosophy

At Artemis Health, we strive to provide high quality, comprehensive primary care to women. We offer:

* Thorough, evidence-based preventive education and services

* Careful, compassionate evaluation of physical and emotional concerns

* Individualized management of medical conditions and treatment options including the integration of complementary therapies

* Recognition of the connection between physical, emotional, social and spiritual health

In order to optimize our effectiveness we engage in active partnerships with our patients. We foster these partnerships through respecting, listening and accepting, comforting, educating and empowering the women for whom we are privileged to care for.

585/244-1953 (TTY)

Business Phone Number: 585-244-7330
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Internal medicine professional, associated with Park Ridge Hospital. Dr. Baratz has been recommended to us as a trangender friendly and knowledgeable doctor.

Speaks Spanish and Ukranian

Business Phone Number: 473-1750 or 453-2079
Business Fax: 585-473-4806
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Dr. Mitchell has been recommended to us as an internist who is respectful and knowledgeable about gay, lesbian and bisexual health issues.

Business Phone Number: 315-492-5784
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Dr. Cange has been recommended to us as a transgender welcoming and knowledgeable family practice physician.

Business Phone Number: 716-433-8751
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We are a full-service, free-standing office specializing in the medical and mental health care of adolescents and young adults (ages 10-30).

Dr. Jeffrey Alberts, MD, an adolescent and young adult health care specialist, provides care in a comfortable environment separate from the pediatric clinic.

We provide comprehensive medical, social, and psychological screening and care with every annual physical examination or as indicated for health concern visits and consultations.

We provide sufficient time to meet alone with patients to foster their transition into adulthood where accepting more responsibility and advocating for their own health care needs is ideal for development of independence and maturity.

We provide confidential opportunities for teens and young adults to comfortably seek advice and address all health concerns freely.

Longer appointment times allow for thorough medical and mental health care recognizing that both are components of health and illness.

Dedicated advocacy for family, educational, legal and vocational agencies is provided as needed.

Your busy schedule is appreciated, teens may be seen without requiring the presence of a parent if prior permission is arranged.

* Dr. Alberts has been recommended to us as a transgender knowledgeable and welcoming provider.

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Business Phone Number: 585-225-2600
Business Fax: 585-225-2606
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Dr. Conolly practices at Unity Family Medicine at Spencerport. She is accepting new patients.

Business Phone Number: 585-352-8999
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Dr. Darling has been recommended to us as a transgender welcoming and knowledgeable family practice physician.

Business Phone Number: 716-332-4476
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Dr. Dlugozima practices Internal Medicine in Rochester, New York. Dr. Dlugozima graduated with an MD 17 years ago.

Associated with Rochester General Hospital

Accepting new patients

Business Phone Number: 585-922-8003