Donor Information and Education

Providing comprehensive educational counseling to LGBT prospective parents nationwide. AFM’s Conception Connection is a national registry and counseling service for LGBT’s seeking individuals of the opposite gender with whom to have a biological child. Services are for individuals who want to have contact with donating dads and surrogate moms. Contact Person: Jenifer Firestone, LCSW


What makes us stand out from the rest is the affordability of our comprehensive, reproductive services, and our compassionate, honest and friendly environment. Located conveniently in downtown Rochester, CNY Fertility Center believes that a family is defined by love. We provide affordable family building services to the LGBT community, including IUI, IVF and donor services in a very supportive environment. CNY Fertility Center has offices in Rochester, Syracuse and Albany.
800-539-9870 (toll free)

The Rainbow Babies vision is to provide a central area for general information on the many aspects of GLBT pregnancies and parenting. We will also provide space for parents or would-be parents to share their stories about their respective paths to parenthood.

The Rainbow Babies will be a place where we can learn and gather strength from each other as we move forward in becoming parents and providing a loving environment for the children we cherish so much. Contact Person: Angela Watson