Florists and Decorations

365 Fresh is a Specialty Cut Flower Farm, growing more than 80 different varieties of specialty cut flowers. Fresh offers fresh local cut flowers like sunflowers, dahlias and hydrangeas direct from our Livonia farm, to residents and businesses in and around the Rochester area. Contact us for fresh, local cut flowers for your home, business, DIY Wedding or any special events.

Established in 1985

in the historic Edgerton Neighborhood,

Edgerton Floral Co. has thrived in three different locations

before moving to Park Avenue in the fall of 1998.

Winner of the Associated Florists Design Contest

and other professional competitions, Edgerton Floral Co.

offers unique, trend-setting floral arrangements

featuring fresh flowers from all over the world.

* Edgerton Floral Company is a proud sponsor of the Gay Alliance.

At Kittelberger Florist, we compete strongly with the finest designers, retailers and service providers around the world in the areas of design, service and presentation. We strive to provide our customers with the highest standard of quality in product, design, service and presentation while never forgetting value.

* Kittelberger Florist is a proud supporter of the Gay Alliance!

Joe and Mindy, Owners

Hours: M-F 9-5:30, Sat 9-12, closed on Sunday