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Providing acupuncture services for all health conditions and wellness, including anxiety and depression, musculoskeletal imbalances, chronic pain, immune system boosting and more. Traditional Chinese Medicine focuses on treating the person as a unified whole; in treating one condition, others are naturally improved. Offering Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture, a safe and natural alternative to surgical procedures and fillers.

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Mark Roos, LMT

Conveniently located 2 miles east of I-490 Exit 26, directly across from the Perinton Wegman’s near the intersection of Routes 31 and 250. We’ll be minutes away from your work, home, and shopping AND you won’t have far to walk. Ample parking is only steps away from the office entrance.

The massage rooms are warm and comfortable, and friendly support staff are generally available to take your calls and schedule appointments.

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Bodymind Float Center is the region’s only business to offer Floatation Therapy to the public. Clients float in ten inches of skin temperature water that has 800 lbs of Epsom salts dissolved in it. Floating in this dark, quiet environment, the mind and body become profoundly relaxed. Floating is a superb way to relieve stress, manage pain, and expand one’s self-awareness. Clients come to floating with high expectations and leave deeply satisfied.

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Practical Philosophies for Cultivating Happiness and Well-Being

Wisdom, when put into practice, provides one to live a life rich in fullness, happiness, and the freedom from the past binding habits of existence.

* Who am I?

* How can I lead a more peaceful and focused life?

* How can I connect with my True Nature?

* How can I cultivate a continued sense of purpose and happiness?

The Buddhi Institute offers clients and students wisdom based courses of practice to discover the answers to some of the above questions and more. This is a study of self, which leads to the discovery of your true Self. The difference is a remarkable transition toward awakening to your purpose, and living in on-going state of happiness.

The benefits of learning and applying practical wisdom to your life offers:

* Living in the present moment, experiencing Joy.

* Living with a continued sense of calmness.

* Clarity of mind.

* An opened awareness of connection to your Divine Nature, for overall success and well-being.

* Increased level of spiritual wisdom, unveiling your True Purpose.

Services include: healing in wisdom, spiritual coaching, meditation, wellness programs, clarity of purpose and counseling.

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The Center for Body Wellness, LLC is located in Rochester, NY, and offers many services including massage and bodywork, facials, skin care, acupuncture, alternative healing, counseling and more. Please browse our site to learn more about what we offer.

Stop by or call today to set up an appointment, or use the contact page on our website.

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If you are seeking relief from pain, or seeking balance in your body and mind, we offer a wide range of treatments from sports injury medicine and deep tissue myofascial therapy to spa like relaxation, from Chinese herbal medicine to treat internal and external conditions to evidence-based cosmetic acupuncture to reduce wrinkles and boost your beauty from the inside out.

The majority of our sessions include a combination of acupuncture, Chinese bodywork, Chinese herbs, and prescriptive exercises for you to continue personal improvement between sessions.

We are based in Fairport, NY and serve the greater Rochester area. Our practitioners have more than a combined decade in Chinese medical practices including: Acupuncture, Medical Qi gong, Chinese medical massage, Chinese herbal medicine, and more.

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If you are suffering from: Chronic Back Pain, Sciatica, Herniated Disc, Bulging Disc, Spinal Stenosis, Pinched Nerve… Then You Can Find Out What One Clinic Is Doing That Has Everyone Talking.

Our goal is to help you and your family to achieve and maintain optimal health through non-invasive health care. We are dedicated to educating you about the many wonderful benefits of our drug-free and surgery-free method of health care.

* HealthQuest of Rochester proudly supported Ride For Pride, the Gay Alliance bike ride fundraiser.

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Hill, Mary Ellen (LMT) 429-0223 and Najjar, Marcia (LMT) 429-0382 A natural approach to good health. Massage therapy (Swedish, deep tissue and energy work)

Business Phone Number: 585-429-0223