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With the power of the mind, you can make big changes in your life! Kris Miller CH and Cathleen Brauen CH are both Certified Consulting Hypnotists and members of the National Guild of Hypnotists. We guide you into a relaxed state and use positive affirmations to help you make the changes you desire. Hypnosis can help with just about anything- just ask us! For example, hypnosis can: eliminate bad habits, diminish chronic pain, reduce stress and worry, increase energy, relieve symptoms of and ease side effects of treatment for chronic illness, improve outlook & well being, reach and maintain a heathy weight, enhance performance in the arts, education or sports, and more (just ask us!). Our clients include children and adults. We also offer transpersonal hypnosis and past life regression hypnosis.

I provide a safe, confidential space for self exploration and therapy for the LGBTQ community. My speciality is treating depression, anxiety and life stressors, including relationship issues. I am also interested in providing care for LGBT youth/adolescents. And I have several years of experience counseling people living with HIV/AIDS and transgendered people. I’m also a gay man who has been very active in our community for over 20 yrs. My office hours are flexible, offering day, evening and Saturday hours. Please contact me for a consultation to see you I can meet your needs.


I understand that every family is unique and requires support that works within their family structure. I am certified in Therapy with Adoption and Foster Families with specific training in attachment issues, trauma, abuse, and neglect. I specialize in working with children, adolescents, and families that are affected by issues of adoption, foster care, and relative-care, as well as life-stage changes, issues of grief and loss, substance abuse, and caregiver issues.

I am an experienced, culturally-aware therapist that has worked with a diverse client population, ranging from alternative lifestyles, various cultures, races, and religions. I am available for family, couple, and individual counseling.

I currently have immediate availability and offer a flexible schedule with evening hours.


Specialties: Marital/Sex Therapy, Cancer Survivorship, General Psychotherapy (Adults only, 18 +) Ms. Anllo has been recommended as a transgender welcoming and knowledgeable therapist.


Over 15 yeaars experience working with GBLTQ issues including HIV/AIDS, as well as depression, anxiety, stress and trauma.

Beacon Mental Health Counseling Services -Annette Lee, LMHC

Hello. I am a licensed mental health counselor with a passion for working with the LGBT community. I have worked with many clients in this population and I have attended several LGBT specific trainings. I feel it is important that the LGBT population feel comfortable and safe with their providers and I would love to help you with any individual, couples, or family issues you may be facing. I also specialize in helping individuals who are currently in or have previously been in heterosexual relationships and are now questioning their sexuality or gender. I look forward to hearing from you!

I work with LGBTQ+ individuals and couples to increase their self-awareness, self-compassion, wellness, and overall joy in their lives! I believe in each person’s inherent goodness, right to individuality, and uniqueness. Each of us is the keeper of our own life and only we know what is truly best for ourselves. And, we have the power to choose what is best! In the moments of indecision, when we apply love and self-compassion, we have all we need to make a decision. And sometimes, when everything falls apart, that is when perfection can set in.

I work with clients with a variety of mental health concerns including depression, anxiety, sexual health concerns, relationship difficulties, parenting, communication struggles, low energy, among others. I possess a PhD in Education and Counseling, a Master of Social Work degree, am trained in CBT & psychodynamic therapies and am a trained sex therapist.

Therapy is a place to feel safe, be who we are with no excuses needed. Creativity, laughter, sharing, and building relationships are what life is about. I use a variety of modalities and techniques that are personalized for each client, along with evidence based practices when appropriate. Life can be difficult, we don’t have to go through it alone.

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Business Phone Number: 585-500-1505
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The mission of Bivona Child Advocacy Center is to coordinate and provide services and support to meet the needs of child victims of sexual or physical abuse and their families at a single and safe, child-friendly facility. The Center is committed to reducing trauma, promoting accountability, fostering healing, and advocating on behalf of child victims of sexual and physical abuse.