NY Gov. Cuomo Signs Executive Order Banning All State Agencies and Authorities from Doing Business with Companies that Promote or Tolerate Discrimination

Governor to Advance Legislation Banning "Gay Panic" as Accepted Legal Defense for Violent Action Based on Victim's Gender, Gender Identity, or Sexual Orientation

As the Federal Government Rolls Back Critical Civil Rights Protections, New York Will Lead the Way By Ensuring Fairness and Justice for All
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Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced he has signed an Executive Order to further protect New Yorkers' civil rights by banning all state agencies and authorities from doing business with companies that promote or tolerate discrimination. The Governor also announced he will be advancing legislation that will ban the use of a "Gay Panic" defense to protect against revictimizing New Yorkers. Someone who attacks another based upon a perception, or discovery of, that victim's gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation must be stopped from mitigating guilt by placing blame on the victim. The Governor made the announcements at the 17th Annual Human Rights Campaign Gala in New York City.