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The Empty Closet (EC) is published monthly, 11 times a year. We serve the greater Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse, NY LGBTQ+ and allied communities with over 125 distribution sites and 20,000+ readership.

It is our mission to make this publication as diverse and inclusive as our phenomenal community. We would love to include your artwork, written pieces or photography in the Empty Closet.

If you have an idea for consideration or are interested in learning more, contact our editor, Tamara Leigh at

2019 Issue Themes

Each issue of the Empty Closet has a unique theme. Online content has no deadline and no word count.

Please submit article ideas, opinion pieces, reviews, and more for online publication to with the title [EC Online Submission Idea] followed by a brief description.

February Issue:
Content Deadline: 1/11/19
Theme: Celebrating LGBTQ+ People of Color
(AA History Month /  VDAY / LGBTQ+ History Month / Heart Health Month)

March Issue:
Content Deadline: 2/8/19
Theme: Transgender Visibility
(National Women & Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day)

April Issue:
Content Deadline: 3/8/19
Theme: LGBTQ+ Youth
(Day of Silence, Sexual Assault Awareness / Youth HIV/AIDS AWARENESS / Poetry Month)

May Issue:
Content Deadline: 4/8/19
Theme: LGBTQ+ Around the Nation & Around the World
(International Day Against Homophobia)

June Issue:
Content Deadline: 5/6/19
Theme: Pride Month / Stonewall Anniversary / Pulse Memorial

July Issue:
Content Deadline: 6/7/19
Theme: ROC Pride Preview

August Issue:
Content Deadline: 7/9/19
Theme: ROC Pride Review / Black Pride Preview

September Issue:
Content Deadline: 8/9/19
Theme: Bi-Sexuality Awareness
(Sexual Health Awareness / Suicide Prevention Month)

October Issue:
Content Deadline: 9/9/19
Theme: National Coming Out Day
(InterSex Awareness / Domestic Violence Awareness)

November Issue:
Content Deadline:10/10/19
Theme: Transgender Day of Remembrance / Trans Awareness Week / Trans parent /Holidays

December Issue:
Content Deadline: 11/8/19
Theme: Holidays / World Aids Day

January Issue:
Content Deadline: 12/9/19
Theme: New Year’s Resolutions
Agency Resolution, [Moulin Rouge Cover]

February Issue:
Content Deadline: 1/9/20
Theme: African-American History Month
Valentines Day, National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

March Issue:
Content Deadline: 2/9/20
Theme: National Women & Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
Transgender Visibility

April Issue:
Content Deadline: 3/9/20
Theme: LGBTQ+ Youth Today, Yesterday & Tomorrow
Poetry Month, Sexual Assault Awareness, LGBTQ+ Deaf Awareness

May Issue:
Content Deadline: 4/9/20
Theme: LGBTQ+ Business Month / Asian Pacific Heritage

June Issue:
Content Deadline: 5/9/20
Theme: Pride Month / Pulse Memorial

July Issue:
No Magazine – PRIDE GUIDE

August Issue:
Content Deadline: 7/9/20
Theme: ROC Pride Review / Black Pride Preview

September Issue:
Content Deadline: 8/9/20
Theme: Bi-Sexuality Awareness / Hispanic Heritage

October Issue:
Content Deadline: 9/9/20
Theme: National Coming Out Day

November Issue:
Content Deadline:10/9/20
Theme: Trans Day of Remembrance / Trans Awareness Week / Holidays

December Issue:
Content Deadline: 11/9/20
Theme: World Aids Day / Holidays

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