Gallery Q presents, Gargoyle: the Sacred and the Profane

Gargoyle: the Sacred and the Profane, drawings by Matthew Kubik opens at Gallery Q on First Friday,
July 5 with a reception from 6:00-9:00 pm. The exhibition runs through August 29.
An internationally trained architect, award winning designer, educator and artist, Matthew Kubik has
spent a lifetime exploring the great city of Rome, Italy. Inspired by the city’s rich Renaissance and
Gothic art, his Gargoyles are a contemporary exploration of the Renaissance artists’ exploration of
the male human form and the dark mystical mind of the Medieval Age, in which the gargoyle
represents human carnal urges we struggle to control. Kubik says, “This series of drawings explores
the opposites of human nature and the conflict between the sacred and the profane. The images are
meant to be humorous, disturbing, erotic, and thought provoking as we ponder our own inner
Kubik is a native of Michigan City, Indiana. His studied at the University of Notre Dame where he
first visited Rome in a study abroad program. He did graduate studies at the Royal College of Art,
London, England. He is a partner in Intelligent Adventure Travel, which offers guided tour
experiences for small groups, families, and educational travel. Since 1990 he has lead annual
international art and culture travel programs to Rome, Italy, London, England and Egypt. He is
currently taking reservations for his October 2019 trip to London, England and his Summer 2020
trip to Rome, Italy.
Kubik will be available to answer questions about his work and business at the opening on Friday,
July 5.

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