Honor Any Woman for Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month and what better way to celebrate than to honor an extraordinary woman in your life in the National Women’s Hall of Fame Book of Lives and Legacies.
Honoring a woman in the Book of Lives and Legacies doesn’t necessarily mean that she has accomplished fetes. You can honor your mother, friend or colleague who is deserving of a lasting honor. Your organization can honor a woman in your field for exceptional achievement. Or perhaps your company has a founder, president, chief executive or other officer who merits recognition.
A special place on the National Women’s Hall of Fame website has been created. In this place of honor, such women’s names are posted as tributes. Accompanying each name is a Book of Lives and Legacies page, where a letter citing each individual’s accomplishments is placed in a permanent, enduring record for all to see in the years ahead. There is an option if you don’t want the whole world to know. A duplicate commemorative plaque will be sent to you or to the recipient, as well as the gift of one year’s membership in the National Women’s Hall of Fame. I toured the Women’s Hall of Fame and saw these small plaques along a wall as well as being able to read through a loose leaf of attributive letters.
The gift costs $125 and well worth it to have someone who you think warrants a place in history have more than just 15 minutes of fame. No nomination. It’s a sure thing. You can do this via website ( or better yet, visit the location at 76 Fall Street (315-568-8060).
You may already be aware of the Seneca Falls, New York locale that inducts distinguished American women for their deserving contributions. Women are chosen on the basis of: the change or changes that they created affecting the social, economic or cultural aspects of our society; the significant national or global impact and results of change due to their achievements; and the enduring value of these achievements or changes.
The National Women’s Hall of Fame is the nation’s oldest membership organization and a not-for-profit educational institution. At present there have been 207 women inducted into the Hall selected by a national panel of judges representing many disciplines and fields of expertise.
In order to be considered for Induction, a woman must first be nominated. Anyone in the general public may nominate an American citizen or Native American for induction and nominations. They are currently accepting nominations for Induction 2021. Nominations received before January 31, 2020 will be considered for the 2021 Induction cycle.
For further information call: 315-568-2991 or…

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