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Meet Chicago’s Christophe Caballero

Convincing just about any audience that Chicago is a fantastic show is not a hard sell. Chicago isn’t the longest running show in Broadway history for nothing. The original pop and pizzazz that makes Broadway the dream fantastical it is, is captured in every second of Chicago. Perhaps the reason for its wild longevity and popularity is the new life that gets birthed into production with the new cast of each traveling show. This week that dynamic, fresh cast and phenomenal production makes its way to Rochester’s RBTL. Empty Closet sat down with Chicago’s, Christophe Caballero to hear about what they have in store for us.

Caballero comes to this role with an exciting story and illustrious career. Born in Texas, he was raised traveling the world. From classical ballet training in his youth to television and film work, Christope truly found a home through Broadway. While living in Europe, he was drawn into a production of Chicago that has been a part of his life nearly nonstop since 2005. Christophe truly enjoys performing to the music he listened to as a kid. Music so enchanting that it still brings him joy. He occasionally gets tired of the demanding tour schedule, but never the music, experience or incredibly witty show. When asked what he wanted the audience to watch for, his answer was, “This is a very funny show. There is great, intellectual humor that holds the public’s obsession with celebrity up to a magnifying glass. Despite how long ago it was written, it makes so much sense in this social media driven society we live in now.”

Besides the incredible humor and wit, Caballero says Chicago is just a “great show with great dancing and amazing ‘20’s speakeasy style jazz.” This touring cast truly brings that all to life. The iconic main characters shine and the sexy, funny and dynamic ensemble is one strong actor all in itself. Make your way to the RBTL Auditorium Theater February 5 – 10th to be a part of it all. Tickets are available at

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