Meet Our Interns: Luna


Luna has interned for the Alliance this year. Now she is working with the trans and gender-expansive youth group Tangent and training to become a Speakers Bureau member. Here is her story in her own words.

After two or three months of a summer internship at the Alliance, I’m glad this is where I chose to spend my time; I have found my work beyond fulfilling. Fulfilling is something that’s worth one’s time, but this is something else entirely. This hasn’t just been time well spent, this has given me a purpose.

When I first decided to work at the Alliance I was only here to satisfy a twenty-four-hour community-service requirement for school. I was ready to put in about twenty-four hours of tedious, monotonous work before moving on and forgetting about the entire experience, but that changed quickly.

At my first meeting with Jeff Myers, Managing Director, I was offered an internship; he mentioned the Alliance’s need for promotional materials, help with the computers, and other important tasks. When I realized that I had the opportunity to spend my summer completing these vital tasks and learning the skills to do so, I was thrilled. Thus I walked out of the office with an internship and a newfound sense of agency.

Months later I finally began my new job and started contributing to the LGBTQ+ community. While I’ve met my fair share of welcoming people and environments, this was a new experience altogether. I’ve observed from day one that my contributions never go unnoticed, and it reaches beyond a thank-you and a polite smile; everyone I’ve worked with at the Alliance has been supportive and appreciative of my work to an unprecedented extent. In addition to such a great atmosphere, the Alliance has wholly demonstrated its care for its volunteers. I was able to attend a SafeZone training free of charge as my first step toward becoming a speaker for the Alliance.

Facilitating Tangent, our Trans and Gender-expansive Youth group with Mitch and Eri is my favorite activity here, especially planning meetings and coming up with seasonal programming.  Tangent is truly a special thing, it’s a safe place for trans and gender-expansive youth to meet each other and just hang out; we have meetings on the first Tuesday of every month from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m., each featuring seasonal activities.


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