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Talk T w/ Zariah: Zariah sits down with Christopher L. McKenzie Jr. of the Lion King

The majestic and amazing Lion King production is coming to the RBTL Auditorium Theatre 885 E. Main St.  December 19- January 5 and our very own Zariah Williamson sat down with Christopher McKenzie Jr., a member of the cast to learn more about him and this year’s production.

ZW:     What is your name?

CM:     Christopher L. Mc Kenzie, Jr.


ZW:     Where did you go to school?

CM:     New World School of the Arts College


ZW:     How long you been doing theater?

CM:     About 12 years now. I’ve always been into theater, but it took a second to actually do it.


ZW:     What’s your favorite thing about theater?

CM:     The continuous inspiration no matter the age, race, gender, etc.


ZW:     Who is your character in the Musical?

CM:     I am the Dance Captain which means I help in assisting our Resident Dance Supervisor teach the show and I also cover all of the male ensemble tracks. I’m also the Fight Captain of the show which means I assist in all fight scenes and make sure the maintenance is pure.


ZW:     How long is the show going to be traveling for?

CM:     We have dates that go all the way through 2020.


ZW:     What’s your favorite song and Why?

CM:     One by One because the entire song is sung in different languages and it alerts the audience. We are also throughout the audience singing and spinning beautiful bird kites and the audience can clearly see that this song means a lot and it very celebratory.


ZW:     What is your favorite part in the musical?

CM:     Circle of Life because this amazing opening not only sets the tone but creates a genuine emotion for the audience.


ZW:     What advice do you have for the audience watching the musical?

CM:     Open your hearts and allow yourself to explore with Lion King as we take you on a journey of finding courage, overcoming hardships, and embracing who we really are.


ZW:     Words of wisdom/advice for young and new theater individuals?

CM:     Being honest with yourself has some of the most amazing benefits known to man. This phenomenon of a production will be worth ever second!!!


Thank You Christopher & Thank You RBTL!!

Tickets are still available!! Visit to get you yours!!


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