Thank You From Ride For Pride 7!

$ 43,000 RAISED!!!




Thank you to our Ride For Pride Bikers:

 Tim Ackroyd, Julia Acosta, Garrett Argenna, Caroline Atti, Adrian Bartholomeo, Benoit Biteau, Aj Blythe, John Braun, Yovi Bruno, Alice Carver-Kubik, Adrianne Chesser, Tatiana Clader, Rowan Collins, Nick Dennie, Joseph Doty, Les Eisenberg, Scott Fearing, Phyllis Fleischman, Ed Freedman, Laurie Freeman, Bob Freeman, David Frier, Jeanne Gainsburg, Dana Glicksman, Aaron Gorelick, Dustin Hilton, Chad Hulbert, Dawn Johncox-Martinez, Pebble Kranz, Matthew Krueger, Josh     Layfield, Karen Managan, Brian Managan, Wanda Martinez-Johncox, Jo Meleca-Voigt, William Merigan, Martin Murphy, Manuel Pena, Allan Phoenix, Anastasia Polashenski, Maya Polashenski, Pamela Polashenski, Ronald Pratt, Peter Pullano, Matthew Ragusa, Pamela Rogers, Craig Ronald, Daniel Rosen, Lilly Rosen, Maggie Rosen, Steve Sanow, Justin Schultz, Benny Serrano, Michael Shuter, Alan Smrcka, Amanda Smrcka, Lynn Tavernese, Deborah Trubatch, Jonathan Wetherbee, Barbara Williams and Chris Wooldridge.


Thank you also to those who did not ride, but who fundraised: Bruce Ingersoll, Mike Kelly, Tallis Polashenski, Kellie Ronald, and Owen & Sara Zacharias (who matched all of their donations).

You all rock!!!


Thank you to our amazing Ride For Pride support staff and crew

Home base/Party Central: Kellie and Craig Ronald

Sag Hags: Tallis Polashenksi, Joe Yokajty and Ben Cook

Breakfast Rest Stop: Sue Delp and Walter Polashenski

Lunch Dude: Bruce Ingersoll

Party Central Assistants: Alan Metelsky, Deb Hartman, Jamie Allen, Jill Frier and Christopher Hennelly

Cheerleaders/End Line Pics: Kat Wiggall, Lorraine Woerner, Jeff, Steve, Martha, Colleen and Bryan

Road Painters: Ed Freedman, Owen Zacharias and Maya Polashenski

Massage and Bodywork: Mike Kelly

Memorial Arm Bands and Photo Placards: Matthew Ragusa and Jo Meleca-Voigt


Thank you to our official Ride For Pride sponsors

Freewheelers Bicycle Shop

Amiel’s Original Submarines

Guerrilla Tees

MiKelly Massage and Bodywork

The Bachelor Forum

Rochester Kink Society

Long Acre Farms

Marshall Street Bar and Grill


Tryon Bike

Ronald Pratt Acupuncture

Bike Zone

Manuel Peña Photography

Steve Brosnihan Cartoons


Thank you to the over 1,000 people and businesses who supported our riders through donations and use of space, including:

 Kellie & Craig Ronald, Pam & Walter Polashenski, Jeanne Gainsburg & Ed Freedman, Bruce Ingersoll, Jennifer Mathews, Nicole Strait, Kim Braithwaite from Barilla Pasta, Century Liquor and Wines, Park Ave Bikes, Wegmans, Mellow Madness Tattoo Parlor, Young Sommer Winery, Apple Country Spirits


Special thanks to our “first page” top ten fundraisers

Jeanne Gainsburg, Bruce Ingersoll, Aaron Gorelick, Pam Polashenski, Pebble Kranz, Scott Fearing, Justin Schultz, David Frier, Ed Freedman, Debbie Trubatch!


* It’s not too late to donate!  Rider’s pages will stay active until September 2016 at




Photo credit: Jill Frier

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