The Big Name Change

By Justin Rios & Tihanna Thornton, members of The Big Queer Prom Committee

Throughout the years, The Big Gay Prom has been a safe place for LGBTQ youth to have fun in an environment where they are able to truly express themselves.

Over time, we have come to understand that the title “The Big Gay Prom” may not appeal to all who are part of the LGBTQ family, including those in the transgender community whose sexual orientation is not gay, lesbian or bisexual.

So, we are proud to announce the new name for this beloved event – “The Big Queer Prom”.

The name change from “Gay” to “Queer” is a way to be more inclusive for our trans brothers and sisters, to let them know they are not overlooked within our community. We know that “queer” may be defined as strange or odd, but many in the LBGTQ community have embraced it to mean someone who is not afraid to be who they are — no matter what the obstacle.

Our prom is a time for all of us to celebrate! We hope you all will join us on June 4.


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