Trans teen kicked out of Christian school is named Homecoming King at new school

Twitter/Stiles Zuschlag

According to Steph Kyriacou on 17-year-old Stiles Zuschlag has defied transphobia by being crowned Homecoming King at his new school.

Stiles was forced out of his previous high school for being transgender and going against the school’s religious beliefs, sparking his move to Noble High School in Maine.

Stiles said he had a very high grade point average and was looking to become valedictorian of the Christian school.

But when he went to speak to a school administrator about being recognized as male, he was instead given an ultimatum.

The school ordered him to “confess his sins, stop taking testosterone treatments, and receive Christian counseling.”

And if he refused, then he was expected to find a new school.

So Stiles left Tri-City and enrolled at Noble High, where despite being “terrified,” he made new friends along with the few that he already had there.

Just one month after joining the public school, he was awarded the title of Homecoming King.


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