Volunteer of the Month: Shira May

Shira May is an adjunct Instructor of Interpersonal Communication at Monroe Community College, as well as a private communication coach. She is also mom to her son Evan and spouse to Mick Behan, whom she married in June 2016. Their family has one dog, Ruby, and two cats, Elvis and Bettie Page.

Shira started volunteering for the Alliance in 2012, helping to put up flyers for Pride and working as a Pride volunteer. After taking the SpeakOut training, Shira joined the Speakers Bureau and has facilitated over 20 presentations at local schools and other organizations. She is now a certified SafeZone facilitator and a contract-based LGBTQ trainer with the Alliance. Shira also attended the PRIDE in Leadership training and is a former Alliance board member.

Shira says, “The Alliance has been a source of support for me in so many ways. It gave me strength in my own coming out journey, and it helped me grow into a proud speaker and advocate on behalf of the entire LGBTQ community. I can’t say enough about how grateful I am for what the Alliance has done for me, and I am truly honored to give back in any way I can.”

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