Michael Jon

Volunteer Spotlight: Michael Jon

If you’ve ever walked up and admired the beautiful Out Alliance window displays, you have our February 2019 Volunteer Spotlight recipient to thank for them.  Michael Jon devotes his fantastic creative eye, time and décor to creating the magnificent windows that grace College Avenue all-year-round. Michael and his partner have spent their time living between here and California but settled back to Rochester as home because he says he ‘loves it here and the Alliance.’ After 40+ years of creative pursuits and experience decorating windows for nearly every department store from Penney’s to Sibley’s, Michael now lends his visual merchandising expertise to the Out Alliance to make each day just a little more beautiful for everyone who stops in or happens to wander by. Michael says, “I’ve done it all my life. After retirement I needed to find a way to continue to express my creativity.  This is my contribution here. It’s my way to help make the Out Alliance more inviting to everyone that calls it home.” Thank You Michael!

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