What I did at Camp GLSEN

By Alex Gasparre, GLSEN Rochester, National Jump-Start Student Leader
My experience at Camp GLSEN was amazing! It was my first time attending something so huge — I had no prior experience with the Jump-Start team or GSAs.

I really had a great time, though, with all the wonderful people and fun activities that were going on, like GLSEN’s Got Talent and some of the group meetings.

Being at Camp made me feel like I was part of a new welcoming family. I didn’t feel alone or afraid of who I was. I even got to connect with my adviser (GLSEN Rochester’s Jess Cohen) a little more, which was awesome. I learned so much, like how I could build a local student leadership team.

Being part of this camp helped me to be more open to people’s ideas and how I can help address the harassment and bullying that takes place in schools. In the past, I didn’t know how to address these issues and I would just stand back when they occurred. Now that I have been to Camp GLSEN, I am extremely focused and am reading tons of books and trying to talk to my community about the issues and what I, my adviser and friends can do to help.

I know that once school starts I will be ready to put all my skills and experiences to the test, and become the leader I always wanted to be.

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